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Dommin: Timeless Rock and Roll Revisited
An Interview with Kristofer Dommin


Kristofer Dommin and the Oztones

Anthony Servante here. I first introduced my readers to Dommin (The Best Band You've Never Heard) in the blog's March 2017 issue. Here's a link. I think it's time to catch up with the members of Dommin, and so I spoke with Kristofer Dommin, singer, songwriter, and guitarist of the band. It seems like fans of the band can look forward to more music from not only Dommin but also Kristofer and the Oztones, his new band, as well. 

Here's the interview:

Anthony Servante: What has the band been up to during the hiatus? 
Kristofer Dommin: In the absence of actively touring and making albums for Dommin, everyone in the band just got busy focusing on their personal lives. Billy & Konstantine both started businesses. Cameron moved back to Northern California, married and has been expanding his horizons with everything from school to standup comedy. I moved to Australia, married and focused on my new family. 

Cameron Morris (Drums)

Konstantine X (Keyboards)

Billy James (Bass)

I released about 5 new Dommin singles from 2018 to 2020 as a preview of the next album. In 2021, I put out an album of some Americana-style rock songs I had been holding onto for some years and worked with some amazing local Aussie musicians to help me realize that vision. I was performing quite a bit locally in the Brisbane area. The project is called Kristofer Dommin & The Oztones if anyone wishes to check that out. 

Kristofer Dommin (Singer, songwriter, guitarist)

Listen or purchase here. (Also available on Spotify)

Kristofer Dommin and the Oztones in Brisbane

Anthony Servante: What are you currently working on?
Kristofer Dommin: Currently, I’m back in the US for an undetermined amount of time. But while I’m here I’m tackling a few things. I’m finishing the writing, recording of the 4th Dommin album. I’m writing another batch of songs for the 2nd album with my Australian project. I also have the intention to put out a series of solo EPs, so I am writing and demoing ideas for that as well. Finally, after being so active in Australia, I’m looking to put together a live act here in the US, so I’m looking for musicians to help make that happen. This could be to fill out replacement roles in Dommin or to just perform solo, which would include playing some Dommin songs. 

Dommin Love is Gone (2010)

Anthony Servante: What musical styles do you favor? 
Kristofer Dommin: It can vary from day to day. As I get older, I appreciate a much wider array of music. I think there is quality to be found in every genre. In the past few years, I feel like I’ve been leaning more toward classic rock from the 60’s and 70’s than maybe anything else. But I still find new gems as well. 


My Heart, Your Hands

Love is Gone


Kristofer Dommin: It’s hard when you love so many different things to channel it effectively into something identifiable for people to listen to so I think that’s what I’m trying to do with so many projects. I let my love of Type O Negative, Danzig and Rammstein shine through in Dommin, while I let my love of Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Chris Isaak and Lana Del Rey among others shine more in my solo efforts. Sometimes I think all those influences are in all the music projects I do, and the real difference is one of production. Sometimes I like big heavy guitars and a wall of sound. Other times, I like to be more minimal and have one guitar or an acoustic guitar. Maybe I’ll evolve to have everything living within one project at some point. And I think that may be the attempt I am making with my future solo EPs. Each one may be devoted to a collection of songs a bit different than the previous. And if it evolves to that, I can see the fourth Dommin album being the final one under that name. The music may go on, but it may just be absorbed into a more solo effort. I am hoping that with a new Dommin album, there are still some live performance and maybe even touring opportunities for the fans to enjoy. It will all depend on the success and reaction. I am always pleasantly surprised when we make a new fan from a Spotify playlist or something like that. It means there is still a great opportunity for the band to grow and succeed if enough people are behind it and share it.


As the Dommin sound continues to evolve, thanks to the talents of Kristofer Dommin, fans can look forward to more music from Dommin as well as from Kristofer Dommin and the Oztones. I thank Kristofer for spending time with our readers and sharing a glimpse of the past and the future of his timeless music. 


  1. Great Interview.Love hearing about these guys

  2. By far the most underaged band. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing and meeting them a couple times in Detroit.