Sunday, June 11, 2017

The 2017 Paint-The-Poem Art Contest 
has Started Accepting Submissions

Paint-The-Poem 2017 Art Contest 

The Moonrise Trail 
by Michael H. Hanson

I’m treading on the moonrise trail 
long after dusk when all stars smile 
and paint a mystic glowing braille 
across parchment dark and fertile. 
I barely see the city lights 
far from the sins of my brethren 
far from my culture’s claws and bites 
I dance with all of night’s children. 
My path is curving and narrow 
and leads me on a merry romp 
farther than the flight of arrow, 
further than I have ever walked. 
Away from civilized tumult 
I grin and silently exult. 

**Paint-The-Poem 2017 is now OPEN to Submissions** 

The challenge is for artists to create a painting, based on and/or reflecting the above poem, "The Moonrise Trail" by Michael H. Hanson. Please access the FILES section at the Upper Left of this page to View the Poem and to Read the Official RULES of this 2017 Contest and to access the Official Entry Form which you must fill out and submit "Before" you submit a work of art. There are NO entry fees, and original works of art will NOT have to be shipped anywhere (high-resolution digital photos will suffice). Please be aware that there is NO monetary prize. Do NOT post works of art directly on this page!!! If you attempt to do so, they will be summarily Deleted!!

This is an official Art Contest page and NOT a random art appreciation website. Submit your artwork (high resolution photograph) via e-mail or FB Messaging, after filling out the application, and then your artwork will be publicly displayed in a Facebook photo album accessible on this website.

The Submission Deadline is November 17, 2017. The Winners (First Place, Second Place, Third Place, and 3 Honorable Mentions) will be announced the night of Saturday, December 2, 2017, beginning at 8:00 pm EST USA on the World Wide Web, right here, on this public Facebook Event Page. All are welcome to take part in the festivities.

Paint-The-Poem is an art contest that was created in 2015 by poet Michael H. Hanson in his ongoing endeavors to promote the arts. [DO NOT post your artwork on this page. This is an Art Contest, NOT an art appreciation page]. Michael is a Poet that utilizes multimedia to convey his words, often finding inspiration in his admiration of painted art; he creates poetry that echoes this inspiration. This dual use of word and picture combines to create a third form, the Written Painting.

Michael wished to reverse the inspiration process by seeking artists who would draw inspiration from “his” poetic vision, and thus was born Paint-The-Poem.

The purpose of this Non-Profit Art Contest is purely to Support The Arts, and showcase the work of an eclectic cross-section of artists from around the World.

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