Saturday, May 6, 2017

Michael H. Hanson Revisits The Blog

"You Made Me" - Oil, Beeswax and Metal Leaf on Board 
by artist Pam Hawkes

From Midnight's Keep
by Michael H. Hanson

She calls to me from somewhere near,
some quiet place I cannot hear
singing a whisper so gently
it barely tickles my pale ear.

She calls to me when I'm asleep,
when snuggling snores and murmurs creep,
chanting to me from midnight's keep
upon the willowy wind's sweep.

She calls to me, demure siren
from shores both lonely and barren,
enticing with a tepid tone
smooth as an ancient polished stone.

Perhaps she's born of secret scrolls
and silent dreams that touch men's souls
with dark magics no mortal knows
beyond the power of mere prose
where all of eternity glows
with the gravity of rainbows.


Coming in June! 
"I'm so happy I got into this one...,"
Michael H. Hanson.

A First-Look at the
Table of Contents

Table of Contents: 
"The Two Rogers" by George R. R. Martin 
"Playing God" by Steven Brust (Isle of the Dead) 
"Keeper of the Keys" by Kelly McCullough (Madwand) 
"And Fountains Flow" by Mark Rich (Graveyard Heart) 
"The Headless Flute Player" by Jane Lindskold (Lord Demon) 
"Creatures of Foam and Mist" by Gio Clairval (Creatures of Light and Darkness) 
"Doorways In Time" by Edward J. McFadden III (Doorways in the Sand) 
"Coda" by Steve Perry (Lord of Light) 
"Nights in the Gardens of Blue Harbor" by Gerald Hausman 
(original story outlined by Roger Zelazny) 
"There Shall Be No Moon!" by Roger Zelazny 
"The Night Heirs" by Warren Lapine (Night Kings) 
"Halflife" by Theodore Krulik (Halfjack) 
"The Lady of Shadow Guard" by Lawrence Watt-Evans (Jack of Shadows) 
"Rock and Road" by Michael H. Hanson (Roadmarks) 
"The Aspect of Dawn" by Shariann Lewitt (Lord of Light) 
Afterword by Shannon Zelazny

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