Friday, April 14, 2017

Contact with Witnesses
Disappearance in the Tunnel

A Norinko Hanasaki Research Case

Part Three

Santa Monica Freeway Tunnel

View from Pacific Coast Highway

School bus returning from drop-offs

This is Part Three to the Norinko Hanasaki investigation initiated by the Servante of Darkness Blog earlier this year. Hanasaki, a fourteen year old (now fifteen), disappeared from the school bus while it drove through the infamous McClure Tunnel last June 2016. I have received emails regarding this subject, but they have proven to be jokes or attempts at fiction. 

I received this email last week. It took me about that time to confirm it was not a prank. After speaking with the students' parents, I decided to post it today. Deletions are at the parents' request. Norinko Hanasaki was the name provided by the local newspaper when this story first broke. There have been several deaths and accidents that have occurred in the McClure Tunnel (aka, the Santa Monica Freeway Tunnel) over the years, in addition to disappearances and missing people, but local news media has shifted its focus to current events (sadly) away from the Hanasaki investigation. 

Thus I continue this investigation. Emails with more information are most welcome and will be published here upon a cursory investigation into their authenticity. Thank you. 

Follow these links to view the history of violence in the tunnel.  With apologies to the friends and family of any of the victims. 


[Start of email]

Dear Mr. Servante,

My name is Bridget (last name deleted by me). I go to the (school name deleted by me) Catholic Middle School in (my deletion). I read ur articles on Norinko Hanasaki and the Santa Monica Tunnel and I wanted to see if u have any more news about Norinko. It’s almost ten months and we don’t know anything about what’s going on. The teachers don’t talk about it. The parents don’t talk. Nobody talks. Even the students stopped asking about it. But my friend Suzie (not her real name) and me, we still want to know what happened. Can u tell us if u heard anymore information? If we can help u, let me know.

[End of email]

Note: I contacted Bridget (not her real name) and asked if I could post her email on the blog. She said yes, and I edited the email because she is in middle school and under 18 years of age, as I was reminded by her parents and the parents of "Suzie". I asked Bridget questions about her friendship with Norinko, what she remembers about the day Norinko disappeared, and any information about the police investigation at the school. She said that she would send me this information as soon as she could. I await her reply and will post it (after edits) once I confirm the information. More to come.

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