Tuesday, April 25, 2017

An Email from Suzie
A Norinko Hanasaki Research Case

Part Five

Suzie Email 4-25-17
Thank you for writing about my friend Norinko. I think you should write more about her and not about fairy stories. I think you're being unrespectful. You need to talk to the policeman that came to our school last summer. Here's his name and phone number [deleted]. He gave a card to all the students and teachers he talked to. I hope you'll keep writing about Norinko. But more about her. Not about fairies.
Suzie [last name deleted].

My response: 4-25-17
Hey, Suzie,
I'd like to apologize for being disrespectful to your friend. It wasn't my intention. But I have to write about everything about the case, not just what the police are doing. Police information is not so easy to get so I write about subjects that will keep the name of Norinko Hanasaki of interest to my readers. As you can see, I have written three articles about Norinko and a lot of people are reading them. And your schoolmate Bridget also appeared on my blog and offered to help. But I do promise I will call the number you sent me. And I promise I'll write about it. But you can help me too. Can you tell me about Norinko? It would also help if you reminded Bridget to send me that information I asked her for. Again I apologize for seeming insensitive, but that's far from the truth. I do care. That's why I'll keep writing until we learn more about what happened. Please extend my apologies to Norinko's family as well.
Anthony Servante

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