Saturday, February 18, 2017

Women of Horror
by Michael H. Hanson 

They are the women of horror, 
the girls of ghosts and ghouls 
with their extra special aura 
they are nobody’s fools. 

They’re the chicks of Chupacabra, 
the babes of bogeymen 
lit by crimson candelabra, 
terrors pour from their pen. 

They are mistresses of evil, 
maidens of creeping dread, 
sensibilities medieval 
with penchants for the dead. 

Tortures, torments, and sweet nightmares 
what they conceive 
on full moon’s eve 
and all that creeps midnight downstairs.


When a box of chocolates just won't do, 
We call on Michael H. Hanson to come through.
Thanks, Mike,
Anthony Servante

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