Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Women in Horror
February 2017
Profile: Coralie Rowe

I am a rambler of dark verse, I have been writing for the past 3 years in which time I have had 20 poems published in several different anthologies through JWK Publishing including Bones III, Cellar Door III : Animals, Hell II : Citizens and Toys in the Attic A collection of evil playthings.. And through JEA Press I have poems in Doorway to Death : an anthology from the other side and Suburban Secrets 2 : Ghosts and Graveyards. I have also done an interview including some poetry in Autoeroticasphyxium zine with Dave Wolffe.

I had no aspirations to become a writer as a younger person. I am in fact a baker by trade and spent most of my time doing physical work, including washing dishes and working in a hot atmosphere (which I detest). It wasn't until I had my daughter and started reading nursery rhymes to her, that the bug for verse really took hold of my mind (Dr. Seuss being the main culprit). I started to think in verse and would find certain phrases getting stuck in my head. So I decided to try my hand at poetry, figuring if I at least wrote the ideas down they would leave my brain alone. I played around with different styles and forms but always came back to the darker side of verse. I have had a few people ask why I write on the subject matter that I do, honestly I don't know; (I tend to just write what pops into my head). My only response is the words, I love the sound of the more morbid words. They have such a beautiful flow, each word has it's own lyrical feel to it.

A friend encouraged me to submit some of my poems to some anthologies that he knew of. I really didn't expect to have any success but figured it can't hurt to try. I received a few rejections and a few acceptances. Some rejections did seem to be more based on the publishers personal preferences, but after a while you learn what certain publishers are after and the types of poetry that they prefer. When I was invited to submit poetry for the chance of an opening poem in a couple anthologies I realised maybe I do have a talent for this.

I have yet to create my own book, though I do have a Facebook page where I post my poems, and regularly contribute to Anthony's blog here.

I must admit that I do feel like somewhat of an impostor being included in WiHM. I don't have any great literary knowledge of horror greats; I'm not a huge fan of horror movies either. I just write dark verse, and I do so more for my own sanity than for any other reason. It's something fun and challenging to do, and much more stimulating for the brain than Candy Crush.

As for women in horror and general, we are often underestimated in what we can and do accomplish in all aspects of life. I think a lot of women have so much else going on in their lives that they forget to take the time for themselves and their secret talents. Allow your creativity to go to new levels, allow your demons to surface and do what you want to do. If you feel the urge to write, paint, compose music, even just draw. Do it, you may surprise yourself. I know I did. Don't accept what the world says what we can't or shouldn't do. Do and be whatever you want to be

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