Thursday, December 31, 2015

Michael H. Hanson Announces the 
2015 Winners

Michael H. Hanson
Creator of "The Written Painting"

The Contest:

Michael H. Hanson is a poet that utilizes multimedia to convey his words. In addition to the traditional poetic structures (sonnets, free form, prose, etc.), Mike finds inspiration in his admiration of painted art; he creates poetry that echoes this inspiration and posts on his Facebook page both the painting and poem. This dual use of word and picture combines to create a third form, the Written Painting. With this contest, Paint the Poem, Mike sought to reverse the inspiration process by seeking artwork that would be inspirational to his poetic vision. He invited artists and poet alike to submit paintings that could be deemed "word worthy", a quality that marks the Hanson trademark of writing. 

From 73 entries of "a fun and eclectic mix", Mike deemed the contest a success and chose the winners. There are six prize categories: First Place, Second Place, Third Place, and three Honorable Mentions. Six bead tapestries, in the shape and size of prize ribbons, each one consisting of over 3,500 glass beads, have been created for the top six finishers, and also, the top three contestants will each receive an autographed limited edition hardcover copy of Michael H. Hanson's poetry collection AUTUMN BLUSH (with faux red leather and a book jacket) and a special bookmark.

Daniel Borup received his prizes!

"Just received this in the mail. I got Honorable Mention for my sculpture 'Sweet Moment in Eternity' in the Paint-The-Poem 2015 international Art Competition put on by poet Michael H. Hanson. I got a certificate, a sweet beaded ribbon which is a work of art itself, and a book of Michael's Poetry. Pretty sweet." 

Here are the Winners:

Honorable Mention, Paint-The-Poem 2015
Daniel E Borup – “Sweet Moments in Eternity"

Honorable Mention, Paint-The-Poem 2015
Alaa Nader - “A Nymph: Escaping From Reality"

Honorable Mention, Paint-The-Poem 2015
Hilarie Couture – “Untitled”

3rd Place Prize, Paint-The-Poem 2015
Suzana Djordjevic – “Bed of Flowers”

2nd Place Prize, Paint-The-Poem 2015
Dorina Costras – “Summer Bliss”

1st Place Prize, Paint-The-Poem 2015
Misti Pavlov – “Untitled"

The Poem (Written Painting Based on Misti Pavlov's work):

"Last Nap of Summer"
 by Michael H. Hanson 
The decadence of late summer, 
an august stretch so glorious, 
the distant seashore's wet drummer 
lethargically delirious. 
The deep massage of amber light, 
the grip and hug of pleasant peace, 
the spell that lets all dreams take flight, 
the easy buzz of errant bees. 
The tickle of stray butterflies, 
the soft soothing afternoon breeze 
conducts a song of sylvan sighs 
that floats amidst bright verdant leaves. 
A bath of golden ecstasy 
sweet moment in eternity.


Congratulations to our winners and to Michael H. Hanson for the success of his contest. Stay tuned for the Paint the Poem Contest 2016 rules and requirements for submission on Mike's page coming soon. What better way to welcome the new year?!


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