Saturday, March 21, 2015

4.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful Free Verse April 20, 2014
By Lisa Lane
Format:Kindle Edition
I received a free advance copy of this work in exchange for my honest review. While not every poem in this collection is perfect, the majority of them are sublime. Each tells a specific and unique story, most of which contain lovely twists within their final lines. A few of them will very likely stay with me for some time. It is rare for a contemporary poet to leave such a lasting impression, but Servante has proven himself a voice for this generation. If you enjoy provocative free verse, you'll love this collection.

Rear View
by Anthony Servante

Day ends
Night begins
The streets and I
Fill the middle;
A tailgater hits his high beams;
I am blinded
And escape into the freeway;
He follows;
I speed to 80,
He to 81;
I slam the brakes;
He jets around me
And slams his brakes;
I swerve around him
And exit;
He follows;
I am far from home,
But so is he;
I blow through
The red lights;
So does he;
I duck into a dark
Deserted street,
Full of emptiness
And potholes;
The street veers off
And dies in a dead-end;
I stop;
He stops, trapping me;
He hits his high beams
Once more;
I squint into the rear view mirror;
He is laughing:
It is me.


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