Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators: Tortured Soul (2013)
Reviewed by Anthony Servante

In 2005, Nicole Willis joined the Soul Investigators for the Keep Reachin’ Up CD. This collaboration was followed by a series of live shows, critical and popular response, and led to their new CD Tortured Soul (2013). 

A throw-back to the Motown sound of the 60s, Tortured Soul boasts a horn section that is part funk and part Count Basie. The Hammond organ common to the songs here also exemplifies the 60s Rock sound often associated with bands like Procol Harum. The guitar work is sassy and concludes most of the tracks with just the right amount of free-style—although I felt the guitar solos should have been freed up and let loose, fading out rather than ending abruptly, but I’m a critic, not a producer.

Still, I enjoyed the totality of the LP enough to recommend it. I’ve included a few of my favorite songs that I found on youtube. Enjoy.

 It’s all because of you.

 Light years ahead

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