Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Demona Mortiss: Hollywood Goth
By Anthony Servante

I like Demona Mortiss. It is a New Wave Goth band bringing elements of Industrial Metal with orchestral arrangements common to the fashion of dark attire and elements of horror, S & M, and vamp. Their sound is unique, although there are elements of other musical genres at work here. But what most fans (and non-fans) take away with them from a DM show is the bloody vision of Elena Vladi, lead singer and founder of the group.  “Formed in Los Angeles, 2006, the band currently consists of Elena (vocals, keys), Grey Soto (guitar), Derek Jochmann (bass), and Francisco Zamudio (drums). Demona Mortiss defines hypnotic sound — a darkly sensual and cinematic fusion of heavy guitars, dark atmospheric synths, female growls and ghostly vocals featuring occult symbolism in lyrical content.”

This article has been a trial for this writer. Ms. Vladi would forget me from one day to the next. On a good day, she’d remember me and contribute some great background to the daily workings of the band; the next, she’d ask me who I was. Sort of like Dory the fish from Finding Nemo. With the Halloween issue of the Servante of Darkness getting the most hits ever since I started the venture, I knew a piece on Demona Mortiss would be a perfect fit with the horror fun this time of year brings. DM and their Industrial Goth sound give us Halloween all year long. A treat for horror readers and music lovers all.

So, let’s get to the music.


The Interview

It's been an interesting 6 weeks talking with Elena Vladi, model and musician. Although I've gotten to know the girl behind the make-up, I couldn't capture that person for this article. A last minute effort to have Ms. Vladi write an introduction for this piece to promote her band did not arrive in time for this piece to go live. Maybe I'll add it later--if it comes. Rock and Roll is a series of hits and misses. Bands must balance creativity and promotion with the skill of a diplomat. Some are better suited to it than others. The Servante of Darkness will drop in on Demona Mortiss now and then to catch the latest song or CD or tour, and I will try to take it all with a grain of salt. Meanwhile, if you'd like to help the band out, donations are being accepted at the link below. Check back with us for updates on Ms. Vladi and the group. There is music here worth the wait. 



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  1. you are not alone... I have had some frustrating experiences- or non-experiences- with Elena, too. No returned messages, unfulfilled commitments and the like. Might keep her band from "making it" one day....