Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Radkey Interview
When Nerds Go Punk

Conducted & Formatted 
by Anthony Servante

Radkey Ready for Rock or TV

The Interview: 

Anthony Servante: How did Radkey form into a band?

Radkey: We are brothers and we were homeschooled. After watching "School of Rock" we were inspired to start a band.


Radkey Burning up the Stage

Anthony Servante: What are the musical influences of the band?

Radkey: Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, The Doors, Local H, Goes Cube, The Giraffes, Beatles ,Iron Maiden, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Helmet, Wolfmother, Misfits, Weezer, Year Long Disaster, Foo Fighters, Jack White, and the list goes on and on.

Anthony Servante: How did being home-schooled influence the band? As I'm a retired professor, this info really caught my attention. Was music part of your schooling?

Radkey: Music wasn't part of our schooling. Our Dad has a lot of records and was always listening to music and we are big movie fans which always has big soundtracks. It was just a part of our lives. Being homeschooled allowed us to have more time to dedicate to creating music for sure.

Anthony Servante: Dragon Ball Z?! Every nerd in the audience whooped when they heard this. What other Manga/Comic book culture contributed to your music and lyrics?

Radkey: We've written songs about the anime One Piece, our new song spiders is about the anime Hunter X Hunter, Junes is about a video game. Too many to list. We take inspiration from movies, anime, comic books, video games, all of it.

Anthony Servante: Describe your music for us. At the concert, I heard comparisons to Robin Trower and The Dandy Warhols, two musical styles from two very distinct generations. Where do you see your place on the history of music spectrum?

Radkey: We think pretty much 70's and 90's rock - Cheap Trick, Ramones, Nirvana, Local H. We like the sounds of many directions.

Anthony Servante: Tell us about the music you now have available. What is the name of the CD? Do you collaborate on songwriting duties? Where can my readers find and purchase your new music?

Radkey: Delicious Rock Noise was our last album. We have a bunch of singles we have recently released digitally. Our newest one is "Spiders" out 01/11/19.

It is always a collaborative effort to write each song between the three of us.

Almost everything we have is available to download or order online.

Anthony Servante: Can you tell us about opening for The Damned? How did that gig come about?

Radkey: We are big fans of The Damned and were stoked to be asked to join them on tour. We have no idea how they found out about us but it was awesome!

Radkey Opening for The Damned

Anthony Servante: Who else have you opened for?

Radkey: Jack White, The Descendents, The Offspring, Jane's Addiction, Flogging Molly, The Dead Boys, Rise Against, Black Joe Lewis, Local H, The Stranglers - the list goes on and on. Just so many good bands.

Anthony Servante: Who would you like to open for you when you headline concerts?

Radkey: Drop A Grand

Anthony Servante: Are you working on any new music? Will you be exploring any new directions for your great harmonies and musicmanship?

Radkey: We are working on new music all the time. We are releasing an EP this spring. Working on another album. We just go where the music takes us.

Anthony Servante: Lastly, can you give me a Top Ten List of songs, your own songs or other artists' songs, that best represent the band today? I'll try to find an accompanying YouTube video for each song for the readers to listen to.

Radkey: These are in no particular order -

10. Foo Fighters - Have It All

9. Cheap Trick - Dream Police

8. Local H - Scott Rock

7. Led Zeppelin - Out On the Tiles

6. Weezer - Take Control

5. Nirvana - Lounge Act

4. Jack White - That Black Bat Licorice

3. Arctic Monkeys - Electricity

2. Pearl Jam - Tremor Christ

1. Kyuss - Green Machine

Thanks! Anthony!

Dee, Isaiah, Solomon Radke

And thank you right back at ya, Radkey, from the Servante of Darkness and his readers.


"Discover the amazing sound of collaboration. 
Don Falcone always puts together a Who's Who of Rock artists 
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Music lovers will always find something new and rewarding for your sound system."
Anthony Servante
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