Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Views from a Troubled Mind
Scene #7

Only one interpretation can exist

The Abyss is a Doorway,
Not a Mirror
by Anthony Servante

Delving into dreams
Light without beams
Darkness without shade
Memories that fade,
Faces at the window
Strangers in the shadow
Visitors watch you sleep
Spidery hands stealthily creep,
A weeper under the bed
The neighbor's dog is dead,
The curtains hide a lip-less man
A madam waves her Chinese fan.
Dreams are not a mirror
Nor smile or sneer,
Nor too much food or beers, 
Nor proud temples to your fears, 
You seek the Abyss 
In nightmares of bliss,
When you stare into the night
You enter the doorway to light,
As you exit the room,
You pass into the mirror of doom. 

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