Sunday, November 5, 2017

Update Foreword

The Norinko Ten
Women and Children First

Compiled, Formatted, and Narrated 
by Anthony Servante


On July 13th, 2016, Norinko Hanasaki, a fourteen year old middle-school student disappeared from a moving bus as it passed through the Santa Monica Freeway tunnel. Between July 13th, 2016 and August 9th, 2017, the Servante of Darkness Blog investigated the disappearance with the help of Norinko's friends and family. As the investigation progressed, more and more people began to vanish. When we found the journal of Norinko, we found clues to her whereabouts, decoded a map to follow, and gathered a team to enter the freeway tunnel at midnight on the 9th of August 2017. We managed to rescue ten people held captive in a tunnel hidden within the tunnel. One of our team was lost. 

The victims were taken to the UCLA Medical Center, and there conflicting stories emerge. The Sheriff's Department, the First Church Middle-School, and the parents of the children gave various accounts of just what happened on the 9th. But, at this point, we'll set that aside for now, for we have chosen to focus our attention on the recovery and recuperation of the victims. As such, we will follow the ten victims, ascertain how they are faring, and update what their lives are like now. We will talk with experts in the field of "post-trauma" and "critical incident stress", discuss the differences and the types of therapy provided for not only the victims known as the Norinko Ten but any victims who can help us understand the effects of such trauma. 

In addition to experts, we will interview people who have undergone medical and holistic therapy to treat depression and anxiety. We will also address relevant issues that relate to the narratives surrounding the night of August 9th officially and unofficially. Although my first concern will always be the victims and their recovery, I will not ignore the truth of what happened that night, for time passes quickly and time erodes the truth quicker than denial and rationalization. My goal is not to interrogate any victims. There will be no confrontations with any volunteers to be interviewed, but those who deliberately cover up the truth will be questioned at length within the limits of an amateur blogger. My aim is to simply clarify the consensus of the victims with regard to their trauma and lay out the truth of that night so that it won't be forgotten or whitewashed. As a victim myself of this ordeal, this whole endeavor is my own therapy with dealing with the stress and blackouts. 

I thank you, dear readers, for following up with me the strange circumstances surrounding the "abduction" of these ten victims. I promise to continue my pursuit for factual answers under stress of a traumatized memory. For the fragile human mind is always faced with two decisions when threatened by evil: fight or flight. And sometimes these two choices can manifest themselves as false or imagined memories or total denial. For now, I choose to fight. I am not a brave man, for the time may come when flight will be the correct course of action. Therefore, time is of the essence. I'm sure the other victims are facing similar choices. I must time our discussions and interviews with sensitivity and compassion. For even the messenger who conjures up the evil past may be misconstrued for the evil itself. 

As such, I shall approach the subject matter methodically, deliberately, and sympathetically. Thank you again, dear readers, for your patience.

I know the questions. It's the answers that are fading more and more each day like a dream of falling, falling, falling. 

Anthony Servante

Update One: Trauma, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Coming soon...

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