Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Facebook Book Release Party 
on Halloween
8:00 - 11:00 pm EST


Here's a sample of the verse 
you can expect from Michael H. Hanson's 
new book of poetry.

Mister Deadsmile 
by Michael H. Hanson 

On an April night when the air is cold, 
when the wolves all sleep and shadows are bold,
when the moon never blinks its yellow eye
the wise ones say Mister Deadsmile is nigh. 

He’s waiting at the end of winding roads 
looking for sinners to suffer his woes 
like those who do wrong then run from their homes 
heedless of fate and the horror it bodes. 

That which confines him is compelled to free 
this specter that malefactors can’t flee, 
baleful apparition tasting the breeze 
and licking the scent of every sin’s flea. 

His grin as wide as a shark-filled shoreline 
with eyes as black as a cadaver’s brine, 
his laughter an icy and shocking cry, 
his touch, oh his touch, will chill and malign. 

So think twice my children before you act, 
committing transgressions, breaking the pact 
then blindly flying until you are trapped 
for Deadsmile is fingering your contract.

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