Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Norinko Hanasaki Investigation Cases

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Norinko Hanasaki

The investigation follows clues and background research into the Santa Monica Freeway Tunnel where 14 year old middle-school student Norinko Hanasaki disappeared from a moving bus passing through the tunnel. Parts 1-14 can be found in the archives here on my blog, and Part 15 & 16 can be found at the Martin Reaves (Crime Noir Writer) Blog. In Part 16, links to all the Parts can be found.

As the Norinko story grows, I've turned to Martin for help as I begin to do footwork for Part 17, which Martin will write on his blog. As things stand, Reaves is concentrating his efforts with the blog contacts I have made over the past year in an effort to decode the message hidden in the poetry that I have managed to save from crime scenes where the bus driver, two LA County Deputies, the Detective in charge of the Norinko case, and the reporter following the missing person case have disappeared since June 2016--all people related to the Norinko case. I, on the other hand, am on the trail toward locating the missing notebook belonging to Norinko where all this poetry has somehow ended up. It seems whoever comes in contact with the notebook disappears. In Part 17, we will update readers as to the status of the hidden message and the whereabouts of the journal of Norinko Hanasaki.

As Martin takes over writing responsibilities, and I gumshoe the investigation, I feel confident that we are closing the distance between utter chaos and solving the case.

Please bear with us during these bumps in the road and please keep reading as we get closer to solving this disappearance case. As always, thank you for your patience.

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