Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Martin Reaves
The New Face Behind 
The Norinko Hanasaki Investigation

Martin Reaves is a writer and professional musician currently residing in the upper half of California. Over the past thirty-five years he has written scores of short stories, plays, and dramatic sketches. And four novels: Relative Karma, Relative Sanity, the award-winning A Fractured Conjuring, and Rosebud Hill, Volume 1. Also available is the highly praised Dark Thoughts, a collection of short fiction. Many projects are on the horizon, including a sequel to A Fractured Conjuring, and a holiday entry in the Relative series entitled Relative Yuletide.

The Solstice List 2014: Best Horror Novel (#4)

A year after abandoning his wife of fourteen years, Jeff Vincent’s pseudo-existence is a soul-numbing blend of alcohol and meaningless searches for other people’s trivia. Until the Saturday morning Jan Fraden mistakes his search-service ad for that of a private detective. Before the weekend is through, people are disappearing, dying, then reappearing. And it all seems connected to Jeff Vincent and his betrayal. Could his sin—a simple act of infidelity—turn the world so completely inside out? And if there was redemption, did he deserve it?
After a lifetime of physical and mental abuse, thirteen-year-old Babylon escapes the shack in the woods, walking away from all she has ever known in search of the Moon People… Special investigator Nick Grimmer’s marriage crumbles as his wife slips into an unexplained madness… Purdy Fallon is a child trapped in a thirty-year-old man’s body. Abandoned by his mother twenty years earlier, he lives a solitary existence. Until Babylon shows up at his door and changes everything forever.

The Solstice List 2014: Best Short Stories, Novellas, and Collections (#2)

Art can bring life…but it can also kill. 

When her voodoo runs dry, an ancient woman on the Louisiana bayou finds a new way to keep the dead close.

A young boy is chased out of the woods by an unseen monster…at home he will learn who the real monsters are.

A haunted hospital holds tight to its spirits.

The world is about to end. How will you spend those last moments?

Everyone has a dark thought now and then. But sometimes our dark thoughts have us.
These thoughts are capable of great evil, but also redemption.

Herein lie dark tales, dark nights of the soul, to be read with the lights low and the doors locked.

The Solstice List 2015: Best Horror Novel

Maxy awards 2015: Best Horror Novel

Down twisted corridors of thought, something waits. Over broken pathways of memory, it pursues. Though unseen, it is close enough to touch...

Critically-acclaimed author Chloe Sender is lost. Lost in an abusive past; lost within her fragmented mind. And she is lost within the pages of her own incomplete manuscript - a story she barely remembers writing that haunts her with every word, with every increasingly twisted sentence. Sleep-deprived and driven to complete the soul-destroying work, she begins to tear at the seams of her relationships. Her nightmares escalate in intensity and violence until she attempts to destroy the work for the sake of her sanity.

But just outside her consciousness there is someone else - some thing else that will not be silenced. Shimmering at the periphery of her vision, capering through her nightmares and seeping into the pages of her manuscript, an ancient evil is in pursuit.

Searching for Willoughby: Tucker ran away from everything he loved. He thought he could outrun death. He was wrong.

Neglecting Mother: Some roads aren’t meant to be traveled. Some places aren’t meant to be disturbed. Sometimes the dead should stay dead.

Dachau Dreaming: Disease doesn’t like to be contained. It wants company…it wants to breed.

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