Thursday, June 1, 2017

Part 11

Tom Thumb Notes (2)
 Surprising New Findings
A Norinko Hanasaki Research Case

by Anthony Servante 


I meant for Part 11 to go live two weeks ago, but because of the nature of the “notes” that my friend found of the Tom Thumb flashdrive, I had to make sure she wasn’t punking me. Still not sure she isn’t. But one thing I am sure of. She’s not laughing at the findings. She asked not to be named in the article because it’s an “ologist magnet for squares, cinder dicks, and possible chop suey”. She wears her handle (Beat Bitch) well. She said that there's a lot of two-faced bullshit going here. So she called the Santa Monica Local Newspaper and asked for the editor. After three tries over as many days, the editor returned her call. She explained the files she was working on from the files I had received from a Marie Mayakowski. The editor informed my friend that Tom Thumb’s real name is W. Chris Dubois, and that he went missing last July 2016. Marie was fired the same month. 

And our little friend Marie Mayakowski was fired when she submitted the Dubois article on Norinko Hanasaki as her own writing in July 2016. The article never saw print, and the flashdrive belonging to Dubois was confiscated by the editor under threat of a lawsuit. This means that W. Chris Dubois did not send the Mussel Slough Massacre article to you. Whoever Tom Thumb is, it’s not Dubois. It may be a certain cat named Marie. That’s my guess. I got the real flashdrive from the editor and this is what I found on it with fresh eyes from the Java Bean. This is too fucken unreal. I’m sending you the flashdrive. You can stick it up your ass. You fucking with me, the prank’s punk bitch? Tell you what, don’t call me for a while. Just a while. I’ll cool off. But then, I’ve got this funny feeling that when I cool off, I’m going to be really scared. 
Adi, Migo.

The Tom Thumb Notes?

To: Marie Mayakowski
From W. Chris Dubois
Date: July 8, 2016
Re: Flash Drive Back-Up

I have the notebook of Norinko Hanasaki. I met with detective Jian Wu. I pinched it from his files while he was talking to the principal. I hid it in the custodian's closet, behind a locker. It won't be long before Wu figures out I have it. I have to meet with Miriam Hernandez, the school bus driver, and make my way back to the notebook before Wu notices it's missing. Lots of plates in the air, Marie. I'm saving all my notes for you on the flash drive you gave me. If for any reason Wu finds out it was me who took the notebook, I want to have a backup of all my files. Just between you and me, Marie, that notebook gives me the creeps. I want to take pictures of it on my phone and email them to you so you can add them to the drive. This whole assignment is taking a lot of left turns. It doesn't feel right. I hope it's all worth it when I snag me a job with the Times. I'll make sure they include you in the package. You're going to make a good journalist one of these days. Use my notes if you need them. I mean, in the event something happens to me. Walking off with evidence. Shit. What the hell was I thinking?! Take care. Bail me out if I'm caught. 

To: Marie Mayatowski
From W. Chris Dubois
Date: June 13, 2016
Re: The Notebook of Norinko

It seems that there’s a notebook that was left on the bus by the missing girl, Norinko, according to her friend, Sumiko. I asked the bus driver and deputies but they know of no such notebook. I tend to believe the girl. Maybe the bus driver, Miriam Hernandez, is hiding something. Will follow her for a few days. See what pops up.
Speak of the devil. It’s Monday night. I’m parked in front of the Hernandez apartment complex. She just got home with a notebook in her hand. It’s green and pink. Small. Remind me to invest in binoculars. I’m going to see if I can interview her right now. Nope. Lights just went out in her apartment. I’ll check back tomorrow.

To: Marie Mayatowski
From: W. Chris Dubois
Date: June 14, 2016
Re: Search for Missing Child

The search for Norinko Hanasaki, 14 year old middle school girl, who disappeared from a moving bus on June 13, 2016, continues into the early morning hours on the Santa Monica Freeway between Lincoln Boulevard and Sunset on the Pacific Coast Highway. Highway Partrol officers joined with Sheriff’s deputies, and local police divisions from Los Angeles, Venice, Long Beach, and Malibu. I'm going to crash in my car for a few hours. The Cable TV staffers promised to wake me if they find anything. 

To: Marie Mayatowski
From: W. Chris Dubois
Date: July 15, 2016
Re: Meeting with Miriam Hernandez

It’s been a mother tracking down this woman. And when I finally do find her, she’s bonkers. She was busted for writing “verses” on the bus windows and now I see the same thing in her apartment. I don’t know what to make of it…. [missing section here]

I am outside the apartment of Miriam Hernandez. Her apartment walls are covered in what looks like to be lines of poetry. She was arrested July 6, 2016, about ten days ago. Today is July 15. The words looked familiar. Will check them against the notebook poems I took pictures of yesterday.

To: Marie Mayatowski
From: W. Chris Dubois
Date: July 22, 2016
Re: Cowboys and Demons

Something is scratching at the window. I sealed my apartment. I had to write the words on the windows and doors to keep them out. Birds with human faces. Deputy Demon and Deputy Dog. Detective Demon Wu. They told them where I am. It was the notebook. It was in the notebook. The words. The Wanderer. The Two-Gun Demon. Let them in or keep them out? July 8th. That’s when it started. The bus driver was not bonkers. I was. Something is coming in. I don’t want to look. Marie? What’s behind me????????????????

Drawings found on the Tom Thumb flashdrive. 

The Lost Article

Frantic Search Brings Community Together 
Missing girl, 14, Disappears While Riding the Bus 
By Marie Mayakowski

On the 13th of June 2016, community leaders, activists, teachers, and good samaritans join police from 4 local precincts, including Los Angeles, Long Beach, Venice, Malibu, the California Highway, and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department, Santa Monica branch. 

Last seen riding on the First Catholic School between 3:15 and 3:30 p.m., 14 year old middle-schooler Norinko Hanasaki disappeared, according to a Sheriff's spokesperson. 

Norinko was on the bus with several other female students from the all-girls' First Catholic School bus when the bus entered the McClure Tunnel, which connects the Interstate 10 to the Pacific Coast Highway. When the bus emerged from the tunnel, Norinko appeared not to be on the bus. 

The bus driver was notified of the missing student immediately. The driver called her dispatch office, who in turn, called the LA Sheriff's department office in Santa Monica. 

After the deputies met the driver and students at the corner of Sunset and Pacific Coast, the California Highway Patrol was called in to close down the McClure Tunnel so that patrol officers could conduct a search of the tunnel. After four hours, the Highway Patrol sought local police help and televised on local television a request for volunteers to expand the search. The response was overwhelming.

Norinko is described as Asian, about 5', 3' tall, approximately 125 pounds with green eyes, brunette hair, and wearing thick black-framed glasses. 

She was wearing a plaid Catholic school uniform with the letters FCS on the back of the jacket over a white blouse. She also wore white tennis shoes with short white socks. 

Her mother and father Amico and Torrance Hanasaki told the local cable news: "She is a quiet and studious girl. She writes poetry and draws birds. Please call the cable news channel or the Sheriff's department if you have any information that you think will help.

"It is good to see so many people working together to help find her. We should also be checking the hamburger places and the coffee cafes."

Numerous phone calls to Norinko's cell phone went straight to voice mail. 

Neighbors and family friends, the Segawas, said that it's too early to be concerned. A lot of good church people are involved in the search, but we should also be praying for Norinko's safe return. In early morning the 14th of June, the search continues.  

According to my computer friend, Marie tried to pass this article off as her own. It was written by W. Chris Dubois, the editor determined based on a call that he had received from a fellow editor at the Los Angeles Times, who told him that Dubois tried to shop the article there in exchange for part-time work. 

I received the flashdrive in the mail a few days ago. I've spent the last 48 hours comparing the written notes I had received in Part Nine from "Tom Thumb" to the flashdrive's notes. Everything seemed to match, so I decided to go live with what I believed to be accurate, but very disconcerting. In a note from my friend, she wrote, “Stay away from ghost stories. Even if they’re not true, it doesn’t mean they’re not dangerous.” 

Nonetheless, our investigation continues.

Thank you, readers, for your patience.

Anthony Servante

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