Saturday, July 2, 2016

For Want of a Suicide, A Kingdom was Lost
A Wordscape For David Lynch (2016)

By Anthony Servante

I purpled today FB eyes closed
The mewling newborns squirming
On the lazy couch that terrified the box
With the abandoned kitties no titties

While the fat lover and her
Fistfuls of feline fur
Bathed the porch in disbelief.

Yet my heart evacuated the red
The corporate corpuscles of life
On the edge of a paper cut

Deeper deeper deeper stitched
With love by an RPN two years short
Of the framed sheepskin on the wall with
Leftover tissue and sluggish blood;
Who but the two-legged dogs
With their promise to the blind
Rainbow of midnight could
Understand the pink envelope

The black and blue hematoma
The four corners of a perfect circle
Spiraling into the white Abyss
Drowned by the light of a sucker-punch 

The cartoon stars and birdies and hashtags
Circling the carcass of better days
The coffins of undead nights that
Cannot be dreamed away or awakened

Or greened in putrid soil
Where healthy zombies TM
TV LOL BTW P.S. I purpled today
But that was no reason to spit
Your paganism in my decapitated face.