Thursday, September 24, 2015

Weekend Warrior

Practiced at flesh and blood
the deity slaps the alarm clock
                            to snooze five more minutes.
The sun bleeds into the room
like a day of Crucifixion;
the god arises to face the day
to shackle himself to the human race
to say Yessir to his Roman masters,
but reckoning is at hand,
for the Judgment Day is coming
and they will get theirs
and you will party like it's TGIF.
The weekend warrior that you are,
you wipe the blood and sweat
                              from your thorned brow,
enter the final period on that email,
                              and press Send.
The snooze then ends
                              and Monday begins.

Anthony Servante
Copyright 2015
Permission to use by author consent only. 

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