Friday, November 21, 2014

Now Available in Paperback.
EAST LOS: Death in the City of Angels
by Anthony Servante

"...a fine little ride through the bowels of the city's darkened side of the faceless, nameless multitude of life's castoffs." Franklin E. Wales, Author of "Eaton Falls".

"Great ride back in time with fantastic imagery." Amazon Reader.

"Well done!" Belladora, Artist and Poet.

"A Pumped Carnival Ride Around East Los." Alma E., Author, Poet, and Filmmaker. 

"Great read." El50Tres, Chicano Activist.

 Front Cover by Jeffrey Kosh
the Paperback Edition.

Death has come to the City of Angels in the form of a serial killer who is decapitating gang members. Greg Macias, a private detective with a dark secret and a drinking problem, is on the case. He must confront a grotesque gallery of suspects, deviants, miscreants, and corrupted souls in an effort to discover the identity of the mass murderer. But Greg Macias must act quickly, for his horrible secret is catching up to him and the bloodied machete of the death worshiper is ready to strike again.

The Noir novel captures East Los Angeles circa 1970, during the high school walkouts, Viet Nam protests, street gang wars, and the infamous Whittier Boulevard riots. Amid this chaos, a drunkard cleans himself up and with the help of a Latino Sheriff's Deputy follows the clues that lead to the serial killer known as the Azlan Assassin. 

If you would like to own a signed and numbered limited edition for $12.95 (includes first class postage), please contact Anthony Servante at 

Also available on Kindle: Click here to own one.

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