Sunday, November 24, 2013

Illuminations (2013) 
New CD from Bill Mumy

Reviewed by Anthony Servante

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Bill Mumy with Back-up Singer

There are three artists in music that I never tire of: Helen Kane, Cab Calloway, and Bill Mumy. What do they have in common? Their music is timeless. While Kane (voice of Betty Boop) sings of 1920s themes, she hits on universal subjects that play to any generation. Same can be said for Cab Calloway, who sang his bluesy ballads from the 1930s (his early hits were recorded for the Betty Boop cartoons) on. 

"Button Up Your Overcoat"

"Saint James Infirmary Blues"

Which brings us to Bill Mumy. 

His music carries on those universal themes: love, death, pain, happiness, etc. Yet he takes the music one step forward, in that he captures the human spirit with songs of hope that range from Rock to Folk to Americana, but always rooted in today's America, just as Kane and Calloway were fixed in theirs. In "What I Got", he sings of love as an adventure (the video for the song transforms its lovers into the characters from THE AFRICAN QUEEN).

"What I Got"

"Think Nothing of It" tells us not to regret our decisions, that there's a bigger picture out there that we are a part of. "Nothing You Or I Can Do About It" laments the merciless march of progress.

"Nothing You Or I Can Do About It"

But my favorite from the twelve selections is "Pulling An Empty Wagon"; it is about the assassination of John F. Kennedy 50 years ago November 22, 1963. It's not just a tribute, but a gentle warning to never forget. There's much sadness in this song, but, again, that's part of those universal themes I mentioned earlier. 

"Pulling An Empty Wagon"

 Bill Mumy remains consistent in his universal music here in "Illuminations", capturing the American tragedies and glories with timeless songs that will transport you to yesterday and tomorrow, and you'll never have to leave today to experience it.  So, add "Illuminations" to your library and save it between Helen Kane and Cab Calloway under "Timeless Music." 

Track Listings:
1. Man With A Gun
2. Sure Of Nothing
3. Fools Gold
4. The One Who Slipped Away
5. Nothing You Or I Can Do About It
6. One More Little Kiss
7. What I Got
8. You In The Light Me In The Dark
9. Consequences
10. Pulling An Empty Wagon
11. Winding Down
12. Think Nothing Of It

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