Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Black Widow: Sleeping with Demons (2011)

Reviewed by Anthony Servante


Black Widow, the Black Magic arts Rock band, has returned to its mystical roots in its new CD Sleeping with Demons (2011). Back in 1970, bad publicity regarding the band's "live sacrifice" of a nude woman on stage and the Satanic overtones, lyrics and LP cover, led to the group's second LP having no title. To fans it simply became known as BW's second album. Without the Satanic drive to meld the band members in harmony, they instead became a band in contention.

But thanks to original members Clive Jones (Saxophone, Flute) and Geoff Griffith (bass), the new CD picks up where the first LP left off, echoing the sound and themes abandoned by the band after the successful first LP, Black Widow Sacrifice (1970). The band turned to political activism and protest songs in their second Self-Titled LP and their third LP, Black Widow III. The group disbanded as the choice of music became a point of discord.

Clive Jones continued the theatrics of the live Black Widow show in his own band, Agony Bag, and reflected the darker themes of his former group in his new music.

With Clive’s return to Black Widow, along with Geoff Griffith, Sleeping with Demons takes on the black arts without reservation. Tony Martin of Black Sabbath delivers some strong vocals on Hail Satan, which echoes the 1970 Come to the Sabbat from the first LP. The songs range from celebratory, as in Partytime for Demons, to bluesy as Kay Garret, BW’s original vocalist back in the Pesky Gee days, has a cameo vocal on Even the Devil Gets the Blues. All in all, a worthy follow-up for Black Widow fans. Makes one look forward to what the next LP will bring.
                                                       Geoff Griffith (left), Clive Jones

My hat’s off to Clive and Geoff for finally bringing out the LP that fans have been waiting for over 40 years! The true follow-up to BW Sacrifice, Sleeping with Demons is indeed Black Widow II, the missing LP. 

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